Stop Worrying About Your Pet Getting Sick Whilst You’re Out Of Town And Call Us Now!

Dear Pet Lover,

If there’s one thing we know concerns pet lovers who leave their pet at any boarding facility, it’s this: they’ll come home to a coughing dog or cat, and a big bill.

At Yolinda Animal Hospital, we believe you should be able to drop your pet off without having to worry. That’s why we take the following measures to ensure that pets stay healthy during their stay with us:

  1. We require vaccines to be up-to-date on all pets that are boarding AND those vaccines to have been given under the supervision of a licensed veterinarian. (Not necessarily one of our veterinarians – any veterinarian is fine, and we will gladly call other facilities to get medical records.)
  2. Our experienced veterinary technicians check all boarding pets for signs of disease upon arrival (at no extra charge). Pets found to be exhibiting symptoms of illness are immediately isolated and treated by our veterinarian (for an additional charge). Sick pets are NOT allowed to mix with well ones. Also, pets found to have fleas are immediately given flea preventative.
  3. All dogs get two walks pet day and are kept in clean runs or cages the rest of the time. This greatly reduces the likelihood that they’ll fight or exchange any diseases.
  4. Our experienced kennel attendants know a sick pet when they see one. Note: some boarding facilities use people off the street with zero experience to check-in boarding pets, and only pay them minimum wage. How thorough a job do YOU think they do at finding contagious disease…?
  5. We require an exam to have been done on all pets that are boarding by one of our veterinarians, within the last year. This is important as it ensures that we’re familiar with any ongoing medical issues.

We’ve run our boarding facilities like this for years and have had ZERO issues with kennel cough (or any other infectious disease) since this protocol was implemented.

Here are our prices….

Feline $25 per night
Canine, 0-25 lbs $30 per night
Canine, 26-50 lbs $36 per night
Canine, 51-100 lbs $41 per night
Canine, >100 lbs $46 per night

We do have special rates for multiple pets of the same species that can share a run PROVIDED that they can be fed together safely.

For more information, or to reserve your pet’s spot, please call us at (714) 524-1156.