Rescue Exams

Get Your Newly Rescued Family Member Checked Out By A Veterinarian For FREE!

We’re pleased to offer the ‘forever’ owners of pets adopted from a shelter or rescue such as the Orange County Shelter a wellness exam for that pet, free of charge. To receive this offer, you must bring your pet to see us within one month of the date of adoption AND bring some paperwork to document the non-profit nature of the shelter/rescue AND the date of adoption. (This offer is intended for the final, forever owners of the pet who have already committed to giving him or her a good home and are way past any ‘evaluation’ stage.)

This is our way of supporting the good work that these shelters and rescues do.

We sent a packet of information to as many qualifying local shelters and rescues as we could find. If the shelter or rescue from which you adopted your pet didn’t get a packet, please have them contact us!