Career and Volunteer Opportunties: Work With Us!

We are always interested to hear from talented, good-natured, hard working individuals who are passionate about animal health and welfare and truly understand what it means to participate in the delivery of pet healthcare.

We advertise paid employment positions when needed. If you would like to send us your resume to be kept on file, please bring to the office.

We occasionally accept volunteers, provided they are seeking to volunteer to fulfill the requirements of an accredited educational institution (included accumulate volunteer hours for the purpose of applying to veterinary school), and are at least 18 years of age. Volunteers are expected to work as hard as paid employees, but the opportunity to learn new skills is tremendous. We are very proud that several past volunteers are now pursuing degrees in veterinary medicine. The number of positions we have is very limited due to the relatively small size of our facility.

If interested, please mail a resume and letter. Your letter should explain:

  • Why you want to volunteer at an animal hospital.
  • Why you want to volunteer with us specifically (there are many animal hospitals locally).
  • How many hours per week you are able to commit to working.
  • How many weeks you are able to commit.
  • When you would be able to start working (if selected).
  • What you hope to gain from working with us.
  • Why we should pick you and not someone else.
  • What prior experience you have (if any).
  • When you are available to visit our facility and be interviewed.
  • What you think the current challenges are in the delivery of veterinary medicine, and how you can help us address them.

Note: all applicants (prospective employees and volunteers) MUST provide the names and phone numbers of three references, at least one of which MUST be a former manager or supervisor from a paid employment position you held in the past. Also, you MUST be at least 18 years of age – our insurance company do not allow any exceptions.

Applications that do not meet all the above requirements will not be acknowledged.