Veterinary Services

At Yolinda Animal Hospital, we understand how distressing it can be when your pet is sick, and how frustrating it is to call an animal hospital and be told that they’re all booked.

Let us help! Call us now at 714-524-1156 right now. We guarantee:

  • We’ll make every effort to get your pet seen that day.
  • An experienced and compassionate veterinarian who will thoroughly examine your pet and listen to what you have to say.
  • An estimate for any medicine or treatment beyond the initial physical examination. (We understand that you’ll want to know approximately how much a particular treatment will cost, and our estimates are an itemized list, with prices.)
  • No extra charges – just what your pet needs for a healthy life. No one likes a veterinarian that exploits an owner’s love for their pet by tacking on a bunch of extra charges – unnecessary vaccines, extra x-rays, redundant blood work. We don’t do that, and our veterinarians are NOT paid based on how much money they make. In fact, if we recommend a particular treatment for your pet, you can be absolutely certain that they need it.
  • E-mail support. Don’t rely on ‘Dr. Google’ if your pet looks unwell. Just e-mail us, instead! We can’t diagnose disease by e-mail (or phone), but we try very hard to give helpful advice.
  • We do take walk-ins, however our Non-Appointment exams have a slightly higher fee. We do take walk-ins and emergency appointments whenever possible. However, it’s always best to call and schedule as these exams have slightly higher fees and longer wait times. We will always try to accommodate every client to the best of our ability. On rare occasions, our veterinarians will refer to a 24-hour facility depending on the severity of pet’s condition and our ability to accommodate those cases.