Get a FREE Second Opinion

If your current vet is messing you around or if you just can’t afford their fees any more, then we understand.

Over the last few months we’ve done countless free 2nd opinion exams and made a whole bunch of pets feel a whole lot better. If the below statements sound familiar, perhaps it’s time for a second opinion:

  • Pet lovers who desperately want to help their pet…but their vet won’t call them back!
  • Pet lovers new to the area quoted 5-10 TIMES what their old vet charged to manage their pet’s chronic condition.
  • Eye-wateringly high estimates for surgeries.

We can help! We can’t guarantee we can cure your pet, but we promise:

  1. A FREE examination with an experienced and compassionate veterinarian who will listen to what you have to say;
  2. A treatment plan that includes only those services and products your pet actually needs;
  3. A free estimate before we do anything beyond the FREE exam; and
  4. Lower prices than the specialists on complicated surgical procedures: ACL / CCL (cranial cruciate ligament) surgeries in dogs; bladder stone removal (cystotomy) in cats and dogs ; mass (tumor) removal; splenectomy; liver surgery; ultrasound; chemotherapy in dogs.

Help Us Help You and Your Pet. Call 714-524-1156 now

Note: for the exam to be free, we need to see your pet’s medical history. Please let us know the name of your old veterinarian when you call so we can obtain the record. Please note these appointments will not be scheduled same day since our doctors like to fully review your pet’s medical chart prior to the visit.

If you have a question, please e-mail us! It’s free, will only take you a couple of minutes (at most), and ALL serious enquiries are guaranteed a reply.