Wellness Care

If your pet is part of your family, we understand that you’ll want to do all you can to keep them happy and healthy for as long as possible.

At Yolinda Animal Hospital, this is our goal, too! Whereas most veterinarians sell ‘exams’, ‘vaccines’ and ‘blood work’, our focus is extending and improving pet lives and partnering with you, their pet parent, to do it. Not only can we help improve the length of and quality of your pet’s life, we can also help keep your family safe from things like intestinal parasites.

Please call us today at 714-524-1156 to schedule your pet’s Annual Heath Check. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Complete, nose-to-tail physical exam: the nose, mouth, teeth, gums, eyes, ears, heart, lungs abdomen are all looked at, palpated and/or listened to.
  • Vaccines, where appropriate. We guarantee that pets vaccinated against a particular disease won’t get it, and if they do the vaccine manufacturer will reimburse the cost of treatment – terms and conditions apply (e.g. puppies and kittens are not covered – only adult pets), please ask for details.
  • A discussion about diet, general healthcare, managing pets / combinations of pets / pets and kids, etc.
  • 100% Optional, No Pressure Laboratory Testing, if our doctor deems it appropriate, to see your pet’s doing on the inside. Some very serious diseases including cancer and kidney disease can be detected BEFORE your pets shows signs.
  • An opportunity to get your pet-related questions answered.
  • E-mail support. Don’t rely on ‘Dr. Google’ if your pet looks unwell. Just e-mail us, instead! We can’t diagnose disease by e-mail (or phone), but we try very hard to give helpful advice AND you can expect a reply on the same day.

Questions? We don’t expect you to immediately call us to schedule an exam for your pet until you’re comfortable with the idea of bringing him or her to us. If you have any questions, anything at all, please contact us by e-mail.