Kitten Healthy Start Package

At Yolinda Animal Hospital, all of us have been there – the thrill of finding a kitten, taking him or her home, introducing the rest of the family, settling in, etc.

As well as love, there are certain things that all kittens need to stay healthy:

  • Protection from disease: kittens are extremely vulnerable to diseases and MUST BE VACCINATED.
  • Protection from parasites: intestinal worm infestations in kittens are EXTREMELY common, especially amongst those that have come from shelters, pet stores, or breeders. Intestinal worms are gross and can even infect your human family members (children are at particular risk). If your kitten is infected, you NEED to know.
  • Protection from fleas: fleas are a year-round problem in south California. As well as being gross, they spread disease (such as intestinal worms), cause skin issues, and can even kill kittens by sucking so much of their blood that they die of anemia. Don’t let this happen to your pet! Modern flea preventatives are extremely safe and effective, but the best ones must be prescribed by a veterinarian. Do NOT get the cheapest you can find at the grocery store as we’ve had some very bad experiences.

$308 Kitten Package – SAVE $138!

  • Two Physical Examinations ($110 value)
  • Parasite Screening ($52 value)
  • Three Dewormings ($85 value)
  • Nail Trim ($15 value)
  • FeLV / FIV test ($69 value)
  • Initial Vaccines As Recommended by the Doctor (up to $125 value)
  • Free Month of Flea Preventative ($30 value)
  • Free Medical Record Book


  • Extra charges will apply to treat pets whose parasite screenings come back positive.
  • Exact savings may vary, because some charges depend on pet weight.
  • Payment is due at the time of first visit.
  • Packages cannot be combined with any other discount.
  • Packages are non-transferable and non-refundable, other than the guarantee stated above.
  • Package expires on the first anniversary of the date of purchase.